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Repairing alloy wheel corrosion problems

We specialise in Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Repairs- Even on wheels which have become badly corroded on the surface by bad weather and other natural elements.

We offer the highest quality finish possible at the best PRICES. So if you have badly corroded or structurally damaged alloy wheels which you think are un-repairable, just send us a picture via the contact us page and we will get back to you almost instantly.

We deal with many corroded alloys have come up with a few tried and tested methods of ways to combat this problem when refinishing the base material of the wheel, which is Aluminium.


We have tried and tested methods for removing corrosion from the alloy wheels surface. We don’t just rub the surface down and spray over the wheel once it looks flat. This only masks the underlying problem, which might look good for a few months but will always show up again.

Our process off Acid dipping and Sandblasting is great for removing corrosion and we also use a few secret methods, which we don’t want to give away, as it’s taken us so many years to master these extra tips and tricks to help us when tackling these types of jobs.

  • We don’t cut corners and only do top quality work
  • We are friendly and professional
  • We handle a wide range alloy wheel & car restoration services
  • We offer full restoration at at the price of a ‘smart repair’
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • Why does Corrosion occur?

    Corrosion is caused by salts on the road, acid in the rain and other general weathering, which cause the alloys surface to slowly start to deteriorate. Acid in products used by car washes and which are in some products also cause and speed up corrosion.

  • The corrosion on my wheel has big holes on the surface- why?

    Those holes have become larger over time because the corrosion has had time to grow without any repair or protection being added on top of the surface to help slow the corrosion rate down.

  • What effect will corrosion have to the final finish of the job?

    The alloys surface in some parts will be left with a blistered effect as the surface is not 100% completely flat. There are ways of combating this problem, but it will add to the overall repair time, and the overall cost of refurbishment.

  • My wheels are losing air but they don’t have any cracks in them- why?

    The reason for this is there is a layer of corrosion on the inside, bead line of you wheel where the tyre sits. This corrosion does not let the tyre seat against the inside rim of the wheel flush- the way it should, meaning air is able to escape from between the tyre side wall and the alloys rim itself.

  • My wheels are badly corroded- should I just buy a new set?

    This is not necessary. We can make your Alloy wheels look like new again, but can also offer you a new set of wheels at a great price, which might work out better for you- depending on your preference.

  • Once you remove the corrosion, using your process- will it come back?

    No, Corrosion once Fully Refurbished should be eliminated for good. We give a 1 year guarantee with these jobs- except on Diamond cut/Polished wheels as they are prone to corrosion (even from original- from the factory).

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