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Alloy Wheel Straightening

Alloy Wheel Straightening

Alloy Wheel Straightening

Straightening bent alloy wheels

We can repair pot-hole damaged alloy wheels. Our experienced staff can straighten alloy wheels back to their original shape. We have machines which are used for checking wheels are safe and spinning completely straight and are perfectly symmetrically round. Sometimes flat spots are found around the circumference of the wheel-  normally on the back side of the wheel.  These are caused by hard knocks and bumps from driving too fast over speed bumps, humps and pot holes, in conjunction with the use of very low profile tyres which do not offer the alloy wheel much protection when compare to bigger wider tyres. 

When straightening alloys we first heat the wheel to avoid damaging the alloy whilst reforming the wheel. We use a hydraulic alloy wheel straightening machine which can accurately make your alloys completely round again. These machines are specifically designed to repair all types of wheels.

Buckles or bends on the front of the alloy can also be repaired but cost more as the wheel then normally needs a full alloy wheel refurbishment to make the damaged area on the front of the wheel look new again. Depending on the finish of the alloy the process of repair will vary between fully painted and diamond cut wheels.

Sometimes the front of the wheel may also require other types of repairs such as aluminium welding if the damage is more extensive. Aluminium welding is carried out on deep kerbing damage, cracks, chips and also used for rebuilding parts of the wheel if a piece has broken off the rim of the wheel. 

If you have damaged your alloy wheels in anyway shape or form, give us a call and send us a good picture of the damaged area and we will give you a quote. We can fully refurbish the wheel or just repair the damaged area, depending on your budget – we try to cater to suit all our customers needs.

The majority of cracked and bent alloys can be repaired with no problem. Our service will leave you with the peace of mind that your wheels have been fully examined, repaired and are safe to drive on.

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