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When there is more extensive damage to a wheel and a piece of aluminium has broken away from the rim we would fully refurbish the wheel  as acid dipping and sandblasting the wheel before welding completely cleans the damaged area of any contaminants such as grease, dirt and paint. The welding process would not work if the area being welded had not been completely cleaned and decontaminated first.

The Missing section of the wheel will then be completely welded back in layers to create a stronger hold. The welded area will then be reformed to match the rest of the wheel. Rebuilds are very necessary on Diamond Cut wheels as the surface area on the face of the wheel has to be cut on a CNC Lathe so if the is any alloy missing it will have a void on the cut face on the wheel.

Rebuilds can take slightly longer to do as they require more repair work meaning more repair time.

Scope Of Work

All Alloy Wheels Repaired and Fully Refurbished by The Wheel Medics are Acid dipped, Sandblasted, and then Powder Coated, Diamond Cut or Polished if necessary. New valves are supplied free of charge and a free tyre change is also available if necessary. All Alloy Wheels are also FULLY examined to check if Alloy Wheel Straightening or Alloy Wheel Welding is required in any way.

If you have damaged your Alloy Wheels, don’t worry, the Majority of Bent, Buckled & Cracked Alloys can be repaired by our skilled and experienced staff. Just give us a call or send us a picture.

We can pick up and deliver your damaged wheels and have a fast and efficient service for our customers. Wheels with tyres will incur a £10 extra charge for removal, re-fitting and balancing.

The Wheel Medics London offer a wide range of Full Car Restoration and Customisation Services, from the Car Exterior and Alloy Wheels to the Full Cars Interior. We can advise and help our customers with almost everything to do with their Car Restoration or Modification projects.

We only use the best high quality materials and products when carrying out our work leaving a perfect finish meaning our customers always come back knowing they will have an excellent job done at very competitive prices.

We believe in using the right process for the job and not just a quick smart repair, which often doesn’t last long at all. So if you are looking for a high quality finish you’ve come to the right place. Just take a look at out Gallery images to see what’s possible.

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