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Car Lease Return Inspections

Car Lease Return Inspections

When you have a lease car, the vehicle will have to undergo an inspection before it is returned. This is to check for any damage that constitutes outside of fair wear and tear. The inspector will use something called the BVRlA Fair Wear and Tear Guide.


At the end of the contract your vehicle will be returned to the leasing company and assessed to determine whether the vehicle meets the agreed returned condition.

What is fair wear and tear?

Fair wear and tear occurs when normal usage causes deterioration to a vehicle. It is not to be confused with damage, which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events such as impact, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh-treatment, negligent acts or omissions.

Who will collect and inspect my vehicle?

Your vehicle will be collected and inspected by an independent company. For more information, contact your leasing company directly. Please note that the BVRLA does not carry out any vehicle collections or inspections.

Why do BVRLA members have end of lease charges?

End-of lease charges occur when the vehicle, its equipment or accessories are not used, maintained or looked after as originally agreed at the start of the lease. The charges compensate the leasing company for the cost of rectifying damage or missing items such as keys or service history.

They can still be applied at the end of lease in cases where the leasing company decides (for commercial reasons) not to repair damage or replace missing equipment before the vehicle is sold.

Customers are not charged at end of lease for any refurbishment that arises from normal wear and tear.

Customers can arrange to repair any damage that’s outside the agreed returned standard before returning the vehicle, provided the repairs are carried out to a professional standard by a reputable repairer who can provide a fully transferable warranty on the work.

Before your vehicle is due back to the leasing company consider the following:


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