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We are Car Restoration specialists and have the ability to transform your car into anything you choose using our Modification and Customisation services. Our Car Customising Packages allows our customers to make their cars and alloy wheels look unique so that they stand out. Your new look will really turn heads!

Our overall quality and standard of workmenship stands out way above the rest of our competition and our previous customers always come back to us and refer others, as they know we offer the best quality finish at a very reasonable price.

Some of the cars we have modified and sustomised in the past have been in car shows and even been featured in magazines such as Top Gear, Hot Rod, Grassroots Motorsport, Car Project, Car Craft and a few more over the years.

Our main concern when modifying and customising our customer’s cars is safety. Sometimes we are asked to do some crazy stuff that we are happy to fulfil but your cars road handling and safety is paramount. In some cases we will advise the customer of other options and ways to carry out the work, whilst keeping the car completely safe once it’s back on the road. Our main concern for our customers is to keep them safe.

  • Re-trimming – Full Interior & Exterior Customisation
  • Car Vinyl Wrapping
  • Vinyl Wrapping Car Accessories
  • Have Vinyl applied to any surface- Car Dash Board, Central Console
  • Window Tinting & Safety Glass Installation (Blast proof glass)
  • Parking Sensor’s Installation
  • Alloy Wheel Customisation
  • Brake Calliper’s Customisation
  • Car Interior lighting
  • In car entertainment
  • Car Body Kits & Lowering Suspension


We are able to customise and modify the full interior and exterior of your car using a mix of bodywork, re-trimming and other services we offer to give our customers what they want. All work is done to a very high standard and not just a quick cowboy job like some other companies out there.

We do regular work for dealerships such as BMW, Ford, Lexus, Porsche, Range Rover, Honda, Jaguar and a few more. If you have been to other places, which can’t handle your requests, give us a call, and we will see if we can cater for your needs.

  • We don’t cut corners and only do top quality work
  • We are friendly and professional
  • We handle a wide range alloy wheel & car restoration services
  • We offer full restoration at at the price of a ‘smart repair’
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • Can you fit Car Body Kits to modify my car?

    Yes, we can supply and fit body kits, but prefer if the customer does the legwork in choosing a quality kit that doesn’t have problems when it comes to fitting.

  • Can you modify my suspension?

    Yes we can, we have a specialist that deals with all our suspension springs work and does it to a very a high standard.

  • Can you Vinyl Wrap my car into chrome?

    Yes, this is the hardest colour to wrap, but we can deal with it. We also offer many other colours and different coloured chromes too.

  • How long does your Window tinting last?

    We can offer you a lifetime guarantee on your window tints if you opt into the best quality film, which cost a bit more than the regular film.

  • Can you put TV screens in my rear head rests?

    Yes we can deal with that and other sound installations.

  • What is safety glass installation?

    Safety glass installation is the application of a thick transparent film (also available as tinted), which stops the glass from shattering and breaking into dangerous small pieces, if you where in a collision or if someone tried to attack your car. It is also blast proof, which means it has protection against bomb blasts.

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