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Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Diamond cut wheel refurbishment

The Diamond Cutting process  involves using a CNC lathe machine to cut a thin skin off from the face of the wheel.  The precise accuracy of the machine only removes what is required and leaves it looking like new again.

The process  begins with removing all the tyres and valves and anything else which may be on the alloy. All the alloys are then acid dipped and sandblasted. Any repairs like welding or straightening would be done at this stage. The wheel is then prepped for painting – powder coated.  Once the alloy has been completely painted  the face surface of the wheel is precision cut on the CNC lathe to leave a perfect shiny finish.

We then re-powder coat the full alloy wheel with an anti-corrosive lacquer, which helps protect the diamond cut finish from weathering effects.  Once the alloys have been fully powder coated with the clearcoat they are then fully  examine all all over for a high finish quality check.  The tyres are then re-fitted back to the alloys and then re-balanced ready for fitting back on the car. 

Customising your alloys

We can customise your alloys to look  completely unique.  We can add polished lips to the wheel, or diamond cut the full face of the wheel – if the wheel has the right shape. Many customers ask us to change the look of their wheels and cars.

Feel free to give us a call or message us if you are thinking of refurbishing or customising your alloys. 

 Diamond cutting process video link – YouTube 

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