Audi Q7. 22” Chrome Plated Deep Dish Removal. Polished Lip
April 14, 2015

Audi Q7 22” Chrome Plated Deep Dish Removal. Adding a Polished Lip
We Specialise in Fully Refurbishing Alloy Wheels to make them look brand new again inside & out. Chrome can be Cleaned, Re-Polished and buffed, but if the damage is really deep, sometimes you see a brass colour underneath showing through. This is the colour of the base metal they use to attach the Chrome to, when producing the wheels.  Most Scratch’s can be repaired, but the main problem when it comes to repairing Chrome Alloy Wheels, are the holes formed (Pitting) on the surface of the Chrome caused by corrosion. If the pitting is very severe, Re-chroming could be the only option, unless the customer is willing to have a change of colour, on the wheels.
In this case the chrome dish was just a thin plated dish that could be removed.
There are many types of Chrome Wheels available. Chrome Alloy Wheels come in many different styles and sizes. They can be 1 piece fully Chromed Alloys or only have a Chrome Plated Dish attached to the outside edge of the wheel. We are able to repair both types of finishes, but in some cases, with the deep dish chrome plated wheels, if the damage is severe, the Chrome Dish may have to be removed, and the metal underneath, can be repaired/refurbished and polished, to give a similar polished finish- when compared to chrome.

A lot of the Split Rims we refurbish require Straightening on the dish as the deep dishes are easily damaged, especially when they have been driven on, with low profile tyres. This is because the low profile tyres, do not offer much protection compared to larger profile tyres.