Audi TT Rebuild- Aluminium Welding- Rebuild on Back
August 15, 2015

Audi TT Alloy Wheel Repair – Rebuild (Aluminium Welding) Rebuild on back of the rim
This Audi TT Customer had an accident in his car in which he ended up in a ditch on the side of the road. Some how the Alloy on the back driver side had completely busted up and a small piece from the back side of the rim had snapped off. The back side of the rim would need Rebuilding- Aluminium Welding. To Rebuild the missing area on the edge of the Alloy. We also had to straighten the alloy as it was slightly bent on the broken area.  Before welding we had to completely Sandblast and clean around the damaged area to remove any contaminants (grease, dirt and paint), thus helping the weld to have maximum hold, as the welding process would not work if the area being welded had not been completely cleaned and decontaminated first. The Missing section of the wheel is then completely welded back, in layers to create a stronger hold. The welded area will then be reformed to match the rest of the wheel.

Rebuilds are very necessary on Diamond Cut wheels as the surface area on the face of the wheel has to be cut on a CNC Lathe so if the is any alloy missing it will have a void on the cut face on the wheel.