BBS Split Rims. BMW 8 Series
March 28, 2014

BMW BBS Split Rims Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – BMW 8 Series – Style 5
These BMW BBS Split Rims were in a really bad way when they came to us and are of the old 8 Series. We Refurbish a vast amount of Split Rims. The process starts with us removing at the tyres etc, and getting the Alloy ready for splitting. We do this by removing all the bolts which hold the Alloy Wheel together. Once all the bolts are out, we can then split the wheel, into 2 or 3 piece’s depending on the alloy wheel. The pieces are then, all Refurbished separately so that the whole Alloy is renewed piece by piece. The Alloys are also all examined and checked to see if they need any repairs to any defects such as Alloy Wheel Straightening, or for Cracks in the alloy etc. More on Split Rims