Bentley Continental -Split-Rims Alloy Refurbishment
January 21, 2016

Bentley Continental Split Rims. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repairs – Options
This Split Rim required Welding on the polished edge (lip) as it had very deep kerbing damage and there was aluminium missing from its original structure. The customer wanted the wheel back to OEM original finish which was 2 tone. The centre piece’s colour was bentley bright silver and the outer dish was diamond cut.  To diamond cut wheels, the surface of the alloy, must not have any material missing, from its level face. Welding is necessary when Diamond Cutting wheels.
These wheels also needed some Alloy Wheel Straightening work, as they were bent in some areas. More Split Rim Images

With this set of Bentley Continental Split Rims, the customer wanted us to restore the wheels, back to original finish, but with a fully Polished Mirror Finish on the lip (edge). Mirror Polishing

This next customer with the same Bentley Continental Alloys had a little accident in his car and wanted us to do some body-work and Detail the full car, including replacing and re-spraying the front driver side wing (as it was damaged).
He wanted the wheels fully repaired and refurbished at the same time and opted into having them Powder Coated into One colour, instead of the original two tone finish.
Split Rim fully Powder Coated into Satin Matt Black.