Bentley Forgiato Chrome Bent and Buckled Alloy Repair
May 16, 2015

Bentley Forgiato Chrome Alloys. Bent and Buckled Alloy Wheel Straightening Repair
We are able to repair all types of Alloy Wheel damage. We specialise in Structural Repairs to Chipped, Cracked, Bent & Buckled Alloy Repairs. We have specialist machinery to straighten bent and buckled Alloys wheels. We can repair Pot-hole Damaged Alloy Wheels. Our experienced and specialist team can repair Bent and Buckled Alloy Wheels. In other word we can Straighten Alloy Wheels back to their original shape. We have machines which are used for checking wheels are safe and running completely straight and are symmetrically round. Sometimes flat spots are found around the circumference of the Wheel. These are caused by hard knocks and bumps from driving too fast over speed bumps and pot holes, in conjunction with the use of very low profile tyres which do not offer the Alloy Wheels much protection.
This Bentley Continental customer of ours had Customised his car and purchased a set of Forgiato Alloy Wheels which were 22 inches and had deep dishes which made them even wider then normal Bentley Alloy Wheels.
The Bentley Forgiato Alloys are 3 piece Split Rim Alloys which had become completely deformed after the car was involved in a serious accident. 3 of the wheels had become really badly buckled and the customer was going to scrap the wheels before he was referred to us by one of his friends. He was very pleased as the wheels were worth over £4000. We used our Alloy wheel Straightening machine to Straighten out the bends in the wheels. Once the job was done the customer was amazed at the result. We offer our Alloy Wheel Straightening Repair Prices from £60 per wheel