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Bentley Split Rim Repair – Welding on dish

Bentley Split Rim Repair – Welding on dish

Posted On: January 15, 2015 0 Comment

Bentley Split Rim Repair – Welding on dish
This Bentley Split Rim Alloy Required welding on the polished edge as it had deep kerbing damage which meant it had to be rebuilt to the right level before it could be re-diamond cut on the CNC Lathe. Normally Split Rims have a polished outer dish, which requires Aluminium Polishing and then lacquering. If there is deep kerbing damage to that dish like this wheel it has to be welded if the customer wants the edges of the dish to look perfect again. A lot of the Split Rims we refurbish require Straightening on the dish as the deep dishes are easily damaged, especially when they have been driven on, with low profile tyres. This is because the low profile tyres, do not offer much protection compared to larger profile tyres.

For customers who don’t want to spend too much money on refurbishing their Split Rims, it is sometimes possible to repair and refurbish them without splitting them. This means the Alloy will go through the same Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment- Powder Coating, as 1 piece Alloys do. The down side to this is the Alloy Wheels will all be 1 colour, instead of having a polished dish and a coloured centre piece. A second colour can be added when the Alloy is refurbished as 1 piece, but it is easier to apply this second colour or polished edge properly, when the wheel has been split beforehand. Bentley Continental Split Rim Into Satin Black.  More information on Split Rims