BMW 330 MV3 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Straightening
January 5, 2016

BMW 330 MV3 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Powder Coating & Wheel Straightening Repair
This BMW 330 had MV3 Alloy Wheels and the customer wanted to change the colour of them. He also was getting a lot of vibration on his steering column when he was driving at speeds of around 60-70mph. We had feeling that a few of the alloy wheels must have been buckled or bent in some way. After examining and fully checking the structure of all the wheels, to check for any defects we concluded that 3 of the wheels needed straightening as they had flat spots along the back side of the rims, so the best thing for the wheels would be to Fully Refurbish and Repair them to make them like new again. We offered the customer a deal which included us Fully Refurbishing (Powder Coating) all the wheels and at the same time to carry out any Alloy Wheel Repairs needed for half the normal price. We offer a 50% discount on any Alloy Wheel Repairs required when customers are Refurbishing a set of Wheels.