BMW 5 Series M Sport- Full Alloy Refurbishment
November 14, 2015

BMW 5 Series M Sport- Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment- Powder Coating Process Images
This set of BMW 5 Series M Sport Alloys needed to be refurbished and the customer opted into getting them Fully Refurbished meaning they were Powder Coated. Here are some images to show you the full process that a wheel has to go through before it can be powder coated. From stripping the wheels down before repairing any surface damage on them and then preparing them for Powder Coating.

Powder coating vs older methods of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment has become very popular over the last decade. There are many Alloy Wheel Refurbishment companies out there which offer alloy wheel refurbishment services, but they only spray the front of the wheel (smart-repair) which only masks the problems that might be visible on the Alloy Wheels surface like Corrosion. The difference between these other Alloy Wheel Repair Companies and The Wheel Medics is that we provide a Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service. This means The Wheel Medics Refurbish Alloy Wheels to a quality that other Refurbishment Companies can’t, unless they also offer Powder Coating, Diamond Cutting, Mirror Polishing and repairs such as aluminium welding and Straightening too. The reason why we come up on top when compared to the rest is that we have invested heavily in the correct machinery and equipment that you would find in the factories that actually manufacture alloy wheels. Our service is second to none and includes a Free tyre change if necessary and free new rubber valves.