BMW Alloy – Corrosion on Bead Line- causing Air Leaks
June 6, 2015

BMW- Corrosion on Bead Line- causing Air Leaks
The only real way to get rid of Corrosion from Alloy Wheels is by Acid Dipping and Shot Blasting the Wheels, in a Sandblaster. This takes the Alloy Wheel back to bare metal (Aluminium). Depending on how bad the corrosion damage is we may then need to repeat the process and re-sandblast the badly corroded areas.
If the Alloy has been badly corroded over a long period of time we may have to carry out Alloy Wheel Welding to rebuild the surface of the Alloy where the corrosion has eaten away at the aluminium. If the corrosion damage is minimal, after we have Acid Dipped and Sandblasted the Alloy, we prepare the Wheel, so it is ready for Powder Coating.
Corrosion is Prone to Alloy Wheels which have Diamond Cut and Polished Finishes