BMW Buckled & Bent Alloy Repairs. Alloy Wheel Straightening from £60
May 27, 2015

BMW Buckled & Bent Alloy Repair. Alloy Wheel Straightening
This BMW had a Buckled & Bent Alloy which needed Repairing as it had Flat Spots on the inside barrel of the rim, which was causing the tyre to lose air- Bead Leakage. The customer had hit a large Pot hole in the road. He knew he had done some damage as the wheel had gone completely flat and he couldn’t pump it up again, using his in car tyre inflator. We are able to repair all types of Alloy Wheel damage. We specialise in Structural Repairs to Chipped, Cracked, Bent & Buckled Wheels. We also Powder Coat & Fully Refurbish Alloys to make them look brand new again inside and out. Our experienced and specialist team can repair Bent and Buckled Alloy Wheels. We offer our Alloy Wheel Straightening Repair Prices from £60 per wheel.