BMW Deep Dish Polished Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
October 15, 2015

BMW Deep Dish Polished Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Straightening Repair
These BMW Alloys have a polished outer dish, which requires Aluminium Polishing and then lacquering. If there is deep kerbing damage to that dish it may require welding-(Bentley Split Rim), that’s if the customer wants the edges of the dish to look perfect again. A lot of the Deep Dish Alloy Wheels we refurbish require Straightening on the dish as the deep dishes are easily damaged especially when they have been driven on – with low profile tyres. This is because the low profile tyres, do not offer much protection compared to larger profile tyres. Deep Dish wheels are prone to getting bends and buckles in them, as the spokes are deep into the centre of the wheel which means they do not give the dish much support when compared to normal wheels which don’t have a dish on the wheel.