Corvette Brake Callipers- Powder Coated Gold
November 15, 2015

Corvette Brake Callipers- Powder Coated (Gold)
This customer had imported a Corvette over from the states and wanted to completely restore it back to its original condition and add a few extra finishing touches to it to give it more of a customised and sporting look. He showed us a few images of what he wanted them to look like and we went ahead and fully refurbished the callipers as to get a good finish, they needed to be stripped downed first and then Powder Coated – Painted Gold. Painting Callipers
The Brake Disks were badly rusted and required a real good cleaning too. The only way to clean the brake disks metal properly is to Sandblast them- Check out images of how we Cleaned and sandblasted this Cars Brake Disks.