Diamond Cut BMW M6 Powder Coated Hyper Silver
March 3, 2015

BMW M6 Powder Coating Alloys instead of Re-Polishing (Diamond Cutting) the Alloy Wheel. Hyper-Silver Finishes
Powder Coating is an extremely durable surface finish that is available in a wide range of colours and also now come in specialist colours such as Hyper Silvers. These colours are very shinny and resemble a polished finish similar to Diamond Cut Wheels. The only difference is that this finish is powder coated on which recoats the whole entire wheel, to give the customer a brand new looking wheel inside and out. Powder Coating the Alloys instead of Re-Diamond Cutting the wheels is a common choice with our customers as the finish is more durable and has so many more protective coats of paint, which reduce the weathering effects causing problems such as corrosion, paint-flaking of the alloy wheel –Seat Ibiza Severe Corrosion
A Fully Powder Coated finish is more resistant to the bad weather, compared with a Diamond Cut finish, which only has a small amount of protection. This Protection is a layer of clear coat (lacquer).