Ford Focus Callipers and Hubs in Red
November 22, 2014

Ford Focus Hubs and Callipers Painted in Red
This Ford Focus was in overall good condition. The owner wanted to have the car Fully Detailed, which included a 7 stage Machine Polishing process of the paintwork to remove any scuff marks and micro scratches which were very visible under the right type of lighting. The other thing which was letting the car down were the condition of the Alloy Wheels, Brake Callipers and Hubs behind the wheel itself. The customer asked us if we could Powder Coat the wheels and the callipers. We advised the customer we could do the job but the brake system would have be taken apart if he wanted the Brake Callipers Powder Coated, basically meaning the cost of that particular job (Callipers & Hubs) would almost double. This is because the amount of labour which would go into dismantling the brake system before powder coating them, and then putting them back together and fitting them onto the car again. The cost of doing this didn’t make economical sense to him as we told him it wouldn’t make such a big difference to the finish once the wheels were back on, as the Hubs and Callipers are partly covered up by the wheels anyway.
Whilst we were working on painting the hubs and callipers in red, we were also refurbishing the Alloy Wheels which the customer wanted in Gloss White. Find out more about our Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Process.

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