Jaguar Montreal BBS Split Rims. Repairing Chrome Plated Lip
February 24, 2016

Jaguar Montreal BBS Split Rims. Repairing Chrome Plated Lip/Dish
This set of BBS Jaguar Montreal Split Rims had severe damage on the edge of the rim which had ripped away the chrome plated dish which is attached to the lip of the wheel. This chrome plated dish is very thin and can be replaced but costs a lot to buy new from Jaguar. We could have replaced the dish but after giving the customer all his options, he decided to have the outer dish Powder Coated into Chrome, which resembles a polished chrome like finish but is not exactly the same in mirror finish like real chrome is. A common problem with Split Rim Alloys, is they get corrosion on the outside Polished area of the wheel. Corrosion sets in very quickly and can cause the whole wheel to look bad. In this case the corrosion was covered by the chrome plated dishes. Have a look at the 3rd image to see the amount of corrosion built up on the edge/lip of the wheel. Corrosion on Polished Finishes
Check out how we refurbished this set of Jaguar Montreal BBS Split Rim Alloys, which had a chrome plated dish attached to its edge. This chrome dishes had to be removed once we had split the alloys down into their individual separate pieces.

Types of Chrome Wheels and Chrome Dishes
There are many types of Chrome Wheels available. Chrome Alloy Wheels come in many different styles and sizes. They can be 1 piece fully Chromed Alloys or only have a Chrome Plated Dish attached to the outside edge of the wheel, like the images below. We are able to repair both types of finishes, but in some cases, with the deep dish chrome plated wheels, if the damage is severe, the Chrome Dish may have to be removed, and the metal underneath, can be repaired/refurbished and polished, to give a similar polished finish- when compared to chrome.
There are also Alloy Wheels which look like Split Rims, as they have the bolts around the side of the wheel, which make them look like they may be 2 or 3 piece wheels, but these bolts are just there for show, and have no actual use. Normally these bolts are plastic, but in some cases, manufactures use chrome plated metal bolts. We can also refurbish these types of wheels, but as they can’t be split, we refurbish them using the same process as 1 piece wheels- We fully Powder Coat them.