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Mercedes AMG E Class Polished Wheels- Powder Coated

Mercedes AMG E Class Polished Wheels- Powder Coated

Posted On: September 27, 2015 0 Comment

Mercedes AMG E Class Polished Wheels- Powder Coated
We can Refurbish Diamond Cut Alloys and even Customise Wheels, to a Diamond Cut-Polished Finish if the customer wants it done. Diamond Cut and Polished Alloys normally take slightly longer to refurbish as they are two tone coloured, which means they under go more processes which costs more and is more time. The Wheel Medics can refurbish Diamond Cut- Polished Alloys back to original condition. A CNC Lathe is used to Diamond Cut the face of the Alloy Wheels. The Polished finish is created with a fine edged diamond point, which runs across the face surface of the alloy, while it is spinning round at high speed completely symmetrically. The diamond etches a completely flat design onto the surface of the alloy, which is all computerised to give a precision cut and also avoids mistakes, caused by human error. Diamond Cutting leaves a completely immaculate polished finish on the wheel’s face surface. The main reason why it takes longer to refurbish Diamond Cut wheels is because after Refurbishing the Wheel in 1 full colour, the Alloy then has to be Diamond Cut on the CNC lathe, so the face can be Polished. Then the alloy wheel needs a layer of clear coat lacquer applied to protect the polished finish, from weathering effects, which cause corrosion.
Most of our Customers choose to go with a Powder Coated Finish instead of Re-Diamond Cutting (BMW M3 Wheels) their Alloys as the Powder Coated Finish, is a lot more durable and is not prone to Corrosion problems like Diamond Cut Polished Alloy Wheels are. Check out the two images at the end of the blog to see when we smart repair the same diamond cut wheel but only re-polish the edge again. The last 2 images show the same wheels being refurbished, but instead of a full powder coat service this customer opted into having the edges re-polished again to maintain is diamond cut finish.