Mercedes C Class Alloy Refurbishment
November 14, 2015

Mercedes C Class Alloy Refurbishment – Powder Coating in London
All Alloy Wheels Refurbished at The Wheel Medics are Acid dipped, Sandblasted, and Powder Coated. New rubber valves are supplied Free. We also offer a Free tyre change, at the time of refurbishment if necessary. All Alloy Wheels are fully examined to check if Alloy Wheel Straightening or Alloy Wheel Welding is required. We are one of the only companies around London offering a Full Powder Coating service for your Alloys, meaning your wheels are returned to you looking completely brand new – back to a Factory Finish! This means 100% of the wheels structure is Repaired and Re-sprayed. We do this by taking off all tyres’, balancing weights and valves. We then Acid Dip and Sandblast the Alloys to completely remove all the old paint. We then Repair any damage to the wheels, such as Cracks, Corrosion, Alloy Wheel Straightening etc. Next we Powder Coat the Entire Alloy – Inside and Out! We can also offer Colour Customisation of your Alloys.