Mercedes C Class Full Alloy Wheel Refurb Process
August 14, 2015

Mercedes C Class Full Alloy Wheel Refurb process
The process first starts with us removing the tyres from the Alloy Wheels and cutting off the old rubber valves.  New Valves are supplied free of charge by The Wheel Medics. We also remove all extra items off the Alloys such as centre caps and balancing weight’s. The wheels are then Acid Dipped to Chemically strip the paint off the Alloy Wheel. We do this to remove about 90% of the Alloy Wheels lacquer, paint and primer layer’s of undercoat from the Alloy Wheels surface. Many Alloy Wheels have really well bonded, stubborn paint which is hard to shift, so the acid dipping process may need repeating a few times before we are happy that enough material has been removed. Once out of the Chemical Bath, the Alloys are rinsed off with water and left to dry off, before we Sandblast the Alloy Wheel back to bare metal…  Sandblasting is really important in the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment process, because the sand is blasted at high speed, at the alloys surface allowing the sand to enter places a normal tool would not reach, like in the corners or in between multi spoke’s packed tightly together. Once Sandblasting is complete, we can then fully examine the wheel to see if any extra Alloy Wheel Repairs are needed. If so, we inform the customer of any further repairs needed and carry them out. Examples of repairs are;
Alloy Wheel Straightening if the Wheel is buckled or bent from Pot Hole DamageAlloy wheel welding required to repair any deep kerbing damage, Cracks in the Alloy or for Rebuilding parts of the rim. The whole alloy wheel is then sanded down so it can be Powder-Coated to the colour the customer requests (with NO extra charge- Except for Specialist Colours). If a colour is not specified by the customer we will refurbish the Alloys Wheels back to the original manufacturers specification colour, for a Factory Finish- Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment.