Mercedes CLS AMG Full Refurb – Powder Coated Hyper Silver
February 16, 2016

Mercedes CLS AMG Full Refurbishment – Powder Coated into Hyper Silver
This Mercedes CLS AMG wheels had really bad kerbing damage and required powder coating as some of the alloys needed welding on the deep kerbing. We are one of the only companies around London offering a Full Powder Coating service for your Alloy Wheels leaving them looking brand new – back to a Factory Finish!. This means 100% of the wheel is Repaired and then Powder Coated, whereas other companies only repair the face of the wheel.

To Powder Coat Alloys, they have to be bare aluminium, before we can apply the powder to them. We start the refurbishment process by taking off all
the tyre’s, balancing weights and the old valves. We then Acid Dip and Sandblast the Alloys to completely remove all the old paint. The Alloy wheels are now back to bare metal (Aluminium).
We then carry out any repairs which are required to damage areas such as Deep Kerbing, Crack’s, Corrosion, Alloy Wheel Straightening & other types of Alloy Wheel Welding. Next the Alloys must be prepared for Powder Coating by making any damaged areas smooth. We do not use any filler material’s on deep kerbing damage. All filler work is done via aluminium welding as you cannot Powder Coat onto filler, only metals. The reason for this is that the Powder Coat which is applied will only attract, bond and stick to pure metal.
Next we Powder Coat the entire Alloy Wheel– Inside and Out. The Powder Coating is applied to the Alloy Wheel whilst it is hung off a metal electrode, which negatively charges the whole structure of the Alloy Wheel. We then use a specialist Powder Coating Gun that releases the positively charged Powder on to the Alloy’s surface giving a true uniform layer of paint that provides a thicker and more durable finish than alternative wet spray finishes.
There are many different types of powders and wet sprayed colours we use when Refurbishing Alloy Wheels. These range from Primers, base coats, main colour coats and Specialist colour finishes such as Smoked-Chrome & Hyper-silvers. After which a thick layer of clear coat lacquer is applied to provide protection and extra gloss . The alloys are heated up in a Specialist Alloy Wheel Powder Coating oven which takes the wheels up to temperature’s of around 180-200oC, whilst curing the Powder Coated Paint to the Alloys.