Mercedes – Diamond Cut & Powder Coat Corrosion Removal
June 14, 2015

Mercedes – Diamond Cut and Powder Coat Process – Corrosion Removal Images
This set of Mercedes C Class Alloy Wheels originally have a Polished Diamond Cut finish on the face of the wheel. We Specialise in Fully Refurbishing Alloy Wheels to make them look new again inside & out. We Acid dip & Sandblast the wheels before we Powder Coat them. Most of our Customers choose to go with a Powder Coated Finish instead of Re-Diamond Cutting BMW M3 their Alloys as the Powder Coated Finish is a lot more durable and is not prone to Corrosion problems like Diamond Cut Polished Alloy Wheels are. The images below show the same wheel before and after it has been refurbished back  to its original diamond cut finish, and the last 2 images are of the same wheel but the customer opted into having the wheels fully powder coated into 1 colour without re-diamond cutting the face, as this was a cheaper and more durable option.
More on Diamond Cutting Process VIDEO- CNC lathe (Process-VW Passat)

We also Mirror Polish wheels and deal with Split Rims and Chrome wheels too. We acid dip, sandblast, repair – Alloy Wheel Straightening & Crack Alloy Welding & then Powder Coat all our wheels. We also Diamond Cut wheels offering the BEST PRICES in London. We are Specialists and can Refurbish all types of Alloy Wheels.