Mercedes Smart Car Brabus – Cracked, Buckled & Bent Alloy Wheel Full Refurbishment
November 24, 2014

Mercedes Smart Brabus Car – Cracked, Buckled & Bent Alloy – Full Refurbishment
Buckles or bends on the front of the Alloy can also be repaired but cost more as the wheel then normally needs a Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment to make the damaged area on the front of the alloy look new again (Ac Schnitzer). We Specialise in Fully Repairing & Refurbishing Alloy Wheels to make them look new again inside & out. We regularly repair bent, buckled and cracked alloys. Check out our Gallery section, to see the quality of our repairs. When straightening alloys we first heat the wheel to avoid damaging the alloy whilst reforming the wheel. We use hydraulic Alloy Wheel Straightening machines, which use precision to accurately make your Alloys completely round again. These machines are specifically designed to repair all types of wheels.

Most of our Customers choose to go with a Powder Coated Finish instead of Re-Diamond Cutting (BMW M3 Wheels) their Alloys as the Powder Coated Finish, is a lot more durable and is not prone to Corrosion problems like Diamond Cut Polished Alloy Wheels are. The Customer also has a choice to customise the wheel into any colour they choose (Brabus-Customised)