Range Rover 22” Chrome Giovanna Alloys
August 14, 2014

Range Rover 22” Chrome Giovanna Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment
This set of Range Rover 22″ Chrome Giovanna Alloys came to us directly from the states for a customer who had already purchased them 2nd hand and wanted us to refurbish them. Once we received them we examined them all fully and we noticed 2 of them needed straightening repairs and that all of them had bad kerbing damage around the front edges of their rims. The reason why the Alloy wheel were bent and required repairs is because they are very large wheels driven on low profile tyres. This causes more damage to the Alloy as it does not have much protection when compared to a bigger profile tyre. We notified the customer of the repairs needed and he agreed with the price. When he came to collect the wheels he was really pleased with the outcome.