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Range Rover Detailing – Callipers and Hubs in Red

Range Rover Detailing – Callipers and Hubs in Red

Posted On: September 11, 2015 0 Comment

Range Rover Detailing – Callipers and Hubs in Red
This Customer had just purchased his Range Rover and wanted to completely restore it back to its original condition and add a few extra finishing customised touches to make it look better. The main things which were letting it down were the condition of the Alloy Wheels, Brake Callipers and Hubs behind the wheel itself. The customer asked us if we could improve the look of the Cars dated looking Paintwork, as it had small scratches and swirl marks all over the bodywork. He showed us a few images of what he wanted and we decided on Detailing (Machine Polishing) the whole car, and at the same time to get his Wheel Hubs and Callipers Painted in Red. After we finished the complete Detail, this Range Rover looked in really good condition, if not better than new condition. More images of Powder Coated Callipers.

We first Cleaned the callipers thoroughly. We used a stiff wire brush to remove any rust or built up grime on the metal parts of the callipers. After this is done properly we blow high pressured to blow away any extra debris. We then dipped a brush in mineral spirits and go over the whole calliper with it, as a solvent will aid the cleaning process. Find out more about our Car Detailing Process