• Mercedes Fully Refurbished Wheels – E & S Class

    January 14, 2015

    Mercedes Fully Refurbished Alloy Wheels – E & S Class We Specialise in Fully Refurbishing & Repairing Alloy Wheels to make them look new again inside & out. We Acid dip & Sandblast the wheels before we Powder Coat them. We are one of the only companies around London offering a Full Powder Coating service for your […]

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  • Brabus- Chipped, Bent & Corroded Alloy Full Refurbishment

    December 14, 2014

    Brabus- Chipped, Bent & Corroded Alloy Full Refurbishment- Customised As you can see, this Brabus Diamond Cut wheel was badly Corroded. One of the other alloys was also chipped on the front edge and required welding to rebuild the missing chunk. The only real way to get rid of Corrosion from Alloy Wheels is by […]

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  • Mercedes C63 AMG. Diamond Cut Finish

    March 14, 2015

    Mercedes C63 AMG. Powder Coated & Diamond Cut Finish We can Refurbish Diamond Cut Alloys and even Customise Wheels, to a Diamond Cut-Polished Finish if the customer wants it done. Diamond Cut and Polished Alloys normally take slightly longer to refurbish as they are two tone coloured, which means they undergo more processes which costs […]

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