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Toyota Buckled & Bent Alloy- Repairing Flat Spots on Rim

Toyota Buckled & Bent Alloy- Repairing Flat Spots on Rim

Posted On: April 25, 2015 0 Comment

Toyota Buckled & Bent Alloy- Repairing Flat Spots on Rim
This Toyota Buckled & Bent Alloy needed Repairing as it had Flat Spots on the inside of the rim.  The customer said he had hit a large Pot hole in the road. He knew he had done some damage just from hearing the sound of the thud when the alloy wheel actually made impact with the pot-hole. A day later the wheel was completely flat and he decided to contact us. The air had escaped as the flat spot on the alloy made the alloys round shape distorted which meant that the tyre couldn’t seat against the rim properly which breaks the seal in that area causing air to escape. More more info read on bead line air leakage. We offer our Alloy Wheel Straightening Repair Prices from £60 per wheel

If you have damaged your Alloy Wheels, don’t worry, the Majority of Bent, Buckled & Cracked Alloys can be repaired by our skilled and experienced staff.  Just give us a call or send us a picture.
We can repair Pot-hole Damaged Alloy Wheels. Our experienced and specialist team can repair Bent and Buckled Alloy Wheels. In other word we can Straighten Alloy Wheels back to their original shape. We have machines which are used for checking wheels are safe and running completely straight and are symmetrically round. Sometimes flat spots are found around the circumference of the Wheel. These are caused by hard knocks and bumps from driving too fast over speed bumps and pot holes, in conjunction with the use of very low profile tyres which do not offer the Alloy Wheels much protection.