VW Scirocco Cracked Alloy Repair & Full Refurbishment London
July 15, 2015

VW Scirocco Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair & Full Refurbishment
This VW Scirocco customer had come to us complaining about his front driver side alloy losing air. He said the wheel would go flat every couple of days. We removed the Alloy Wheels from the car and examined all of them fully. We found that the front driver side had a Cracked Alloy and was slightly Bent. One of the other wheels also needed some Alloy Wheel Straightening work as it had a Buckle in it. We specialise in alloy wheels repairs which consist of straightening and welding together, as normally if a wheel has been damaged to the extent where it needs welding, 90% of the time, the alloy also needs straightening as well, as the impact of the accident has not only cracked or chipped the wheel, but also bent it as well.
We offered the customer a deal to Refurbish all the wheels and at the same time to carry out any Alloy Wheel Repairs needed for half the normal price as he was also paying for the Full Refurbishment.