• Bentley Continental -Split-Rims Alloy Refurbishment

    January 21, 2016

    Bentley Continental Split Rims. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repairs – Options This Split Rim required Welding on the polished edge (lip) as it had very deep kerbing damage and there was aluminium missing from its original structure. The customer wanted the wheel back to OEM original finish which was 2 tone. The centre piece’s colour […]

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  • BMW MV1 Spoke. Full Refurbishment & Customising

    January 2, 2016

    BMW MV1 Full Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Powder Coating Process & Customising finishes Here are some images to show you the full process  that a wheel has to go through before it can be powder coated. From stripping the wheels down, repairing and preparing them for Powder Coating and then further examples of the same wheel in different […]

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  • 20” BMW Alpina Cracked Bent & Buckled Alloy- Full Refurbishment

    December 16, 2015

    BMW Alpina 20” Cracked, Bent & Buckled Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refurbishment This set of BMW Alpina Wheels needed Alloy Wheel Straightening and Alloy Wheel Welding as they were in a bad state when we got them. All the wheels were badly buckled and a couple of them, were bent on the face of the […]

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  • Customised Alloy Wheel Colours. The Wheel Medics London

    September 14, 2014

    Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – Alloy Wheel Colours We offer many different Alloy Wheel Colours and can match any colour you want. We customise alloys regularly by adding extra finishes to the alloys such as a polished lips or even diamond cutting the full face of the wheel for the 1st time. We can completely change […]

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