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Welding Cracked Wheels

A crack in the alloy wheels inner rim can often be the main reason for air loss from the alloy if there are no other visible problems with the tyre or the alloy itself . We aluminium weld all deep kerbing damage and cracked alloy wheels and have had many years of experience in getting the job done right.

When dealing with larger damage we prefer to fully refurbishment the wheel as acid dipping and sandblasting the wheel before welding completely cleans the damaged area of any contaminants (grease, dirt and paint), as the welding process would not work if the area being welded had not been completely cleaned and decontaminated first.

We can even rebuild parts of the rim if a chunk of Aluminium has chipped or broken off. A lot of the time tyre shops and garages tell customers with a damaged wheel, that their ‘Alloy wheels a right off’ … but our specialist team are  able to repair them.

We specialise in repairs to alloy wheels which consist of both straightening & welding repairs as normally if a wheel has been damaged to the extent where it needs welding, 60-70% of the time the alloy also needs straightening as well, as the impact of the accident has not only cracked or chipped the wheel, but has also bent it as well. In these types of cases we normally  fully refurbish the wheel at the same time.

If you have damaged your alloy wheels in anyway shape or form, give us a call or send us a good picture of the damaged area and we will give you a quote. We can fully refurbish the wheel or just repair the damaged area, depending on your budget – we try to cater to suit all our customers needs.

The majority of Cracked, Bent and Buckled Alloys can be repaired with no problem, and will also leave you with the peace of mind that your has been fully examined, repaired and is safe to drive on.

Driving too fast over pot-holes or speed bumps can Crack Alloys and with the ever changing climate, pot holes are everywhere. So watch out and be careful!

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