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Car Detailing

If you love your car and want the paintwork to look perfect for years to come then you should use our Car Detailing service. The Wheel Medics offer Car Detailing at great prices.

Our Car Detailing service is specially designed to correct, perfect & protect our customers’ cars paintwork. We can restore your cars paintwork, if it has any imperfections such as key scratches, scuffs, Bird-dropping marks, swirl marks or has faded over time. We can save you money, restoring your cars paintwork without the need of expensive re-sprays etc. If the paintwork on some panels has extensive damage, we can even repair & re-spray them, if the customer wants to restore the whole car to a high standard. We also offer PDR- Paintless Dent Removal for customers which have dents on their car panels, which means the dent can be removed without the need of re-spraying the panel.

We Cleanse & de-contaminate the paint – Foam Wash & Clay bar the cars surface to remove all contaminants, dirt, grit and road tar stuck to the cars paint work.
Cleaning the paintwork thoroughly is essential before the machine polishing stages. We use a 5-10 stage machine polishing process (depending on Car Colour) to remove any visible damage. We then apply 2-3 layers of quality sealant or wax, to protect the paintwork from everyday ware and tare.
We also offer Paint Protection Film which is applied in the same way as Vinyl Wrap to protect your cars paintwork- This film is a self healing film, so is great value for money.

  • Foam washing/ Clay bar
  • Paintwork Correction
  • Machine Polishing
  • Key scratches- Vandalism or light scuffmarks
  • Bird dropping marks
  • Micro scratches, Swirl marks, Holograms, Orange peel
  • Paint Protection Film- Self Healing Transparent Film
  • Natural Waxes and Synthetic Sealants
  • Prestige & Super Car Detailing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Convertible Hood Restoration & Protection
  • Restoring clear plastic rear windscreens
  • Windscreen Restoration & Protection
  • Calliper Restoration – Change Brake Calliper Colour
  • Dent Repairs- PDR Paint-less Dent Repairs


We offer a unbeatable high quality finish and our regular customers already know in advance how good their cars will look when they collect them from us. In fact we have not needed to advertise our Car Detailing Services since we 1st started offering them in 2009, as we are happy with the amount of work we get off our recommendations.

We only use the best high quality products and materials when carrying out our different stages of the paintwork detailing processes, and we don’t cut corners like other companies out there, as it’s sometimes possible to miss out stages, which most customers won’t notice.

We can get your cars paintwork looking like new again if you have minor scratches or scuff marks to the paintwork. We can’t always remove every bit of damage, but we will definitely make a significant difference meaning the damage will not be as visible as it was before the Paintwork Correction – Detailing Service was carried out.

  • We don’t cut corners and only do top quality work
  • We are friendly and professional
  • We handle a wide range alloy wheel & car restoration services
  • We offer full restoration at at the price of a ‘smart repair’
  • We get the job done right — the first time


  • How long does a Full Car Detail take?

    This depends on the car and what the customer requires done. It can be a quick detail, which would take 2-3 days, or some show cars require more time consuming – arduous work, which could take anything from 1 week to a month. In the past we’ve had cars, which have been with us for 6 months, as the customer wanted a body kit put on, and the car had to be ready for a show, meaning the car had to be 100% perfect. So every car is different, depending on its requirements.

  • Can you remove deep key scratches?

    With a lot of key scratches, they are deep in certain areas of the scratch but not throughout, so the majority of the scratch comes out completely but in the really deep area’s its not removed fully. We can soften the edges of the deepest area’s and after the stages of polishing, most of the time its visibility is reduced by such a significant amount that our customers are happy. If they are not fully happy, we can respray the damaged area.

  • Can you fill in scratches- using the same colour pen?

    It’s possible to fill in a scratch but this has to be done after the fist 2 stages of wet sanding and flattening the paintwork, so the filled in paint is not as obvious, to the naked eye.

  • What types of Waxes and Sealants do you use?

    We have a large number of different Paint Protection products that we offer. Depending on your budget we will run you through what’s available. Some of these products are very expensive, and can cost upwards of £500 just for 1 tub.

  • If my cars been detailed before, can I do it again?

    Sometimes no. It depends on the amount of clear coat lacquer, which is still left on the top of your cars surface. If this is too low- then no. We can’t flatten and polish something, which is not there. It also depends on the type of paint, which is on your car (1 or 2 stage).

  • Is it possible to Detail parts of the car and not the whole thing?

    Yes this is possible, but having the whole car done normally means you will get a better price rather than doing 1 or 2 panels.

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