• Bentley Split Rim Repair – Welding on dish

    January 15, 2015

    Bentley Split Rim Repair – Welding on dish This Bentley Split Rim Alloy Required welding on the polished edge as it had deep kerbing damage which meant it had to be rebuilt to the right level before it could be re-diamond cut on the CNC Lathe. Normally Split Rims have a polished outer dish, which requires […]

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  • Bentley Forgiato Chrome Bent and Buckled Alloy Repair

    May 16, 2015

    Bentley Forgiato Chrome Alloys. Bent and Buckled Alloy Wheel Straightening Repair We are able to repair all types of Alloy Wheel damage. We specialise in Structural Repairs to Chipped, Cracked, Bent & Buckled Alloy Repairs. We have specialist machinery to straighten bent and buckled Alloys wheels. We can repair Pot-hole Damaged Alloy Wheels. Our experienced and […]

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