• Mercedes CLS AMG Full Refurb – Powder Coated Hyper Silver

    February 16, 2016

    Mercedes CLS AMG Full Refurbishment – Powder Coated into Hyper Silver This Mercedes CLS AMG wheels had really bad kerbing damage and required powder coating as some of the alloys needed welding on the deep kerbing. We are one of the only companies around London offering a Full Powder Coating service for your Alloy Wheels leaving them looking […]

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  • Bentley Continental -Split-Rims Alloy Refurbishment

    January 21, 2016

    Bentley Continental Split Rims. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repairs – Options This Split Rim required Welding on the polished edge (lip) as it had very deep kerbing damage and there was aluminium missing from its original structure. The customer wanted the wheel back to OEM original finish which was 2 tone. The centre piece’s colour […]

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  • 20” BMW Alpina Cracked Bent & Buckled Alloy- Full Refurbishment

    December 16, 2015

    BMW Alpina 20” Cracked, Bent & Buckled Alloy Wheel Repairs and Refurbishment This set of BMW Alpina Wheels needed Alloy Wheel Straightening and Alloy Wheel Welding as they were in a bad state when we got them. All the wheels were badly buckled and a couple of them, were bent on the face of the […]

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  • Mercedes C Class Alloy Refurbishment

    November 14, 2015

    Mercedes C Class Alloy Refurbishment – Powder Coating in London All Alloy Wheels Refurbished at The Wheel Medics are Acid dipped, Sandblasted, and Powder Coated. New rubber valves are supplied Free. We also offer a Free tyre change, at the time of refurbishment if necessary. All Alloy Wheels are fully examined to check if Alloy […]

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  • BMW Deep Dish Polished Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

    October 15, 2015

    BMW Deep Dish Polished Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Straightening Repair These BMW Alloys have a polished outer dish, which requires Aluminium Polishing and then lacquering. If there is deep kerbing damage to that dish it may require welding-(Bentley Split Rim), that’s if the customer wants the edges of the dish to look perfect again. A lot […]

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  • Mercedes C Class Full Alloy Wheel Refurb Process

    August 14, 2015

    Mercedes C Class Full Alloy Wheel Refurb process The process first starts with us removing the tyres from the Alloy Wheels and cutting off the old rubber valves.  New Valves are supplied free of charge by The Wheel Medics. We also remove all extra items off the Alloys such as centre caps and balancing weight’s. […]

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  • VW Scirocco Cracked Alloy Repair & Full Refurbishment London

    July 15, 2015

    VW Scirocco Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair & Full Refurbishment This VW Scirocco customer had come to us complaining about his front driver side alloy losing air. He said the wheel would go flat every couple of days. We removed the Alloy Wheels from the car and examined all of them fully. We found that the front […]

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  • BBS Split Rims. BMW 8 Series

    March 28, 2014

    BMW BBS Split Rims Alloy Wheel Refurbishment – BMW 8 Series – Style 5 These BMW BBS Split Rims were in a really bad way when they came to us and are of the old 8 Series. We Refurbish a vast amount of Split Rims. The process starts with us removing at the tyres etc, and […]

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